Artist statement



Most of my work – painting, works on paper, digital video – is about the idea of transformation or process, which in my understanding relates to layers of the ‘self’, to memory, force, time, otherness.

My focus lies in the question of how to approach such ideas and realities visually when the traditionally given frame that held a stable/defined ‘self’ has broken – in favour of the contemporary freedom and complex task of unfolding and inventing an open, temporal and shifting self with its contradictory, also unknown and dream-facets. 

Frequently, I reference historical visual sources (digitally manipulated), which connect in my view to such an understanding of a non-essentialist self at another time in (art-) history. I found it for example in those Renaissance book illuminations, which are concerned with alchemy (depicting stages of psychological metamorphosis) and, in some of my more recent work, baroque paintings about mythological subjects (especially Poussin’s landscapes). For me, working with such archetypal material can't mean to repeat or illustrate it but to link to a potential, which holds powerful reminders of a not-yet.

In my practice I deliberately join these ancient and contemporary influences in a field between the handmade, ‘authentic’ and digital media. Practice is based on the immediacy of mark making, on fragmentation as marker of time and a calculated input of digital technology; on a state of mind, which gives both intellect and feeling their space.

Outcomes often build series, groups or projects, which allow cross-referencing among paintings, works on paper and digital videos.