There are no courses on offer currently as I decided to focus on studio work for shows at this point. Thank you for your interest!

Becoming Visible - Drawing/Painting from Within


About the course


This course is identical with previous  Becoming Visible courses.
Participants will be encouraged to develop and create drawings and paintings from spontaneous mark making and to invite the unpredictable side of making art, so as to step into an individual creative process, which unfolds like an open dialogue between oneself and what becomes in time a drawing/painting with an unexpected meaningfulness.
The approach supports individual ways of invention and expression, overcoming creative blocks and connecting stronger with own traces.
There is an emphasis on enjoying, trusting and realising the time of unfolding of unplanned pictures and their potentially new angles of ‘how to see’ by interweaving spontaneous memories, thoughts and unpredictable ‘visions’.
Technical challenges (i.e. formal problems, colour hues etc.) are part of this and I’ll do my best to help exploring solutions.
The course is open to all artists, also complete beginners who are interested in creating out of ‘nothing’, in overcoming creative blocks, in connecting stronger with and authenticate own traces and thus beginning or expanding on one’s art practice.


About me

In this course, I share an approach at the heart of my own art practice, which set out from a fascination with the process of mark making and ‘letting myself draw/paint’ and which I found especially rewarding, equal to and complementing an observational approach. In my development, I have learned most from this perhaps more introvert approach in terms of subjects, expression and skill.
The fascination and desire to understand how this intuitive being-in-control by being-out-of-control works led me initially into a Gestalt Therapy training and later into a practice-based Fine Art PhD research; some elements of these diverse influences have shaped the idea and structure of this workshop.


The workshops take place in my studio on the Isle of Wight, each day from 10am to 4.30pm (for map/directions please click here).
The courses are limited both to 4 participants - this makes sure I can give sufficient attention to the individual process.

Materials, refreshments (tea, coffee, fruit, cookies) and a light lunch are included in the fee, you need to bring cloths you don't mind getting messy.

Please read the cancellation policy at the end of this page. Thank you!

Cancellation policy

Because of the small number of participants for each course you will understand that your commitment to attend is really important. If you need to cancel, please email me at If cancellation occurs 10 days or more prior to the workshop, you will receive a full refund less a cancellation fee (£40 for 2-days). There are no refunds in less than 10 days. If you can not attend you may find someone else to fill your spot.