to Mar 31

Ennui Refigured

Marius von Brasch and Freya Purdue

According to Ian Buchanan in a recent text, there is a move in the current mode of appreciation of art toward the small screen of mobiles and other electronic devices, which provide a somehow perfect and self-reflective antidote for boredom.

In the medium of expanded painting (into drawing and digital video), Purdue and von Brasch propose their visuals - in the face of the ‘new’, the fleeting mass commodity - as possible anchors for absorption, contemplation and non-expectation in the anonymity of the gallery. 

Purdue and von Brasch share a simultaneously energetic and contemplative approach to painting, a fascination concerning an unexpected meaningfulness that can rise while giving up a premeditated constructed intention. The painting process seems both, intensely personal yet abstract and impersonal, often touching on qualitative non-linear time and a play of open space and compartment-like structures, referring to a point of dynamic stillness.

Both artists contextualise their works with aspects of ancient and modern painting, symbolism and alchemical influences, so as to weave historical strands dealing with a similar interest in the dynamics of contemporary Becoming. 

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