One-to-one feedback sessions

Sometimes it can be helpful to get professional feedback on your work.
One-to-one sessions with me offer you a dedicated space to focus on and consolidate where you are with your work at this point in time.
They are designed to offer help in finding ways of progressing that suit you and your particular way of making and showcasing art, address creative blocks and aspects of your work you feel unsure about.

My interest lies in encouraging you trust and follow your own path and traces, even if it’s against the grain of what you might feel is expected from you by others.
The session will be led by your initial questions as well as going through a portfolio of your work that you need to bring.
The focus will be on painting and drawing, and the sessions include technical advise. We can also focus on digital video, however the sessions do not include advise regarding how to use specific software (such advise best available on

You can arrange one or multiple sessions with me. These sessions are for adults.

One 1-hour session costs £ 50, a 2-hour session is £ 90. If your work is too large for transport, I can come to your studio (only Isle of Wight) .
In order to book a session please pay in advance via the links below and call me to decide on a date. I’m free most Tuesday afternoons for sessions.

Please note, you need to bring a portfolio to the first session; it’s not about perfection but we need to have visual material as a starting point. If you would just like to talk about future projects please start visual ideas that you can bring to the session.

You can ring me on 07843 594711

One-to-one sessions
from 50.00