The Studio at Rookley Manor

A while ago I decided to share my studio by using it for art- and creativity-related workshops I developed as well as exhibitions, which feature works of invited artists around one subject or concept at a time.
Thus, I feel closer to a wider community and network of people who wish to explore, discuss and be part of building new strands of difference by making art.


Drawing/Painting from Within at The Studio at Rookley Manor

Weekend course. Tutor: M. von Brasch

Sat, Nov 19, 2016 10:00am 4:30pm
Sun, Nov 20, 2016 10:00am  4:30am

The Studio at Rookley ManorNiton RoadRookley, England, PO38 3NRUnited Kingdom 

This course is fully booked.



    Private View Saturday, December 10, 2016  5:30pm - 8:00pm

    also Sunday, December 11, 2016   11:00am  4:00pm

    David Firmstone
    Ella Clocksin
    Howard Hardiman
    Jan Williams/Chris Teasdale - The Caravan Gallery
    Lisa Traxler
    Marius von Brasch
    Michael Bartlett

    About the show
    Being deeply attracted by all kinds of stories, one might be disappointed most by those that resolve neatly all enticing and ambivalent strands so as to leave one, while turning the last page, with a rising feeling of being cheated of what felt alive before. It's similar to a sudden knowing that a painting has been 'killed' by overdoing the good thing.
    In contrast, ancient storytellers, for example, the Khanty people from Western Siberia, prolonged their stories so far into the night that listeners would fall asleep and never know an end.
    Thus, a story can entail 'a path to be followed, along which one can keep on going rather than coming to a dead end or being caught in a loop of ever-repeating cycles' (Tim Gold, Lines, 2007, p. 90).
    And, of course, a story can also fold back and deny communicating.
    Viewers are invited to compose a story-line that picks up on the lines, loops, planes, ruptures and forces within a frame, or connects with other frames close-by.