• Empedocles Assemblage. Oil on canvas. 218 x 218 cm


Marius von Brasch follows in his works the question how to approach visually notions like ‘transformation’, ‘memory’, ‘energy’ when the traditional frameworks that defined a stable ‘self’ and its organisation have become brittle and ruinous; when there is space for the contemporary freedom and complex task of unfolding and folding the potential of an open, temporal and shifting self.

The art practice reflects this in an open field between the ‘handmade, authentic’ (painting, mark making) and the ‘dispersed, automated’ (digital technology), in painting, works on paper and digital video.

The visuals reference frequently mythology and historical sources, especially those medieval and Renaissance symbolic visuals for alchemical texts, which typically try to represent dynamics and thresholds of psychological/visual transformations.

Abbey Fellowship in Painting award holder at the British School in Rome (term 2013/14).

Marius works from his studio in Rookley, Isle of Wight, UK.