Abbey Fellowship at BSR 2013

On Vocation (Rome Project 2013)

During my residency at The British School at Rome between October and December 2013 (Abbey Fellowship in Painting award) I applied my practice – juxtaposing the ‘authentic’/handmade with the ‘dispersed’/digital – to the notion of ‘vocation’. Starting from Caravaggio’s painting “La vocazione di san Matteo” and its installation at the Chiesa San Luigi dei Francesi as source image, the project questions how vocation can be thought about and visualized without depending on a transcendent source. Outcomes were a series of drawings, paintings and a video.


Postcards from San Luigi 4

Postcards from San Luigi 4


This video relates to Caravaggio's Vocation of St Matthew and its installation in the Chiesa San Luigi die Francesi in Rome. It is part of a body of works (drawings, paintings, video) focusing on how to approach the notion of 'vocation' from a contemporary, non-religious angle. The video deals especially with what the 'voice' involved in 'vocation/call/Berufung' could be about.