Illumination - quick tour of the show from my mobile

Today, Sat Dec 2nd, is the last day of the Illumination show at West Gallery, Quay Arts, showing my newer paintings, drawings (all the more colourful works in the clip) and a projected video (you'll see just a green 'break') , alongside Howard Hardiman's digital drawings (b/w, framed) and videos on monitors.

We got very positive feedback, and honestly, I'm glad that the talks and events, as satisfying such exposure to audiences can be, are behind me; despite putting on my professional head and trying my best to put out what could be of interest for others, I have to overcome a great shyness each time talking about exactly those things that are painted/drawn/filmed so as to not to have to speak. And even the speech layers in my video are certainly not intended to explain a lot.

And yes, it's great to share these things - a strange yet rewarding experience.

Thanks again to Georgia Newman, our curator, who came up with the idea to put our work together and L love the way it has been presented at the Quay.


I am currently working on two series of paintings: a new one (based on the Splendor Solis illuminations) Echo and a continuation of the Osiris Fragments. Working on these images confronts me again with the old question, when is it ‘finished’, when does the process of painting comes to a halt? Do I want to reveal and ‘finish’ figures/objects, make it ‘easy’ for the beholder or stick even more to the joy that comes with breaking figures/objects up, leaving them in a state of becoming, partially manifested and partially virtual? I catch myself sometimes thinking ‘nobody will recognise that …’, reminding myself of the joy of doing ‘precise’ life drawing – although what I want to achieve is to leave the beholder space for associations and feelings. Altogether different registers, I guess.

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Dec. ’14

After a very busy time (also away from studio and home), I have now enough space to experiment again. Working on some commissions (both reflecting Splendor Solis) and am happy to have so much studio time at hand.