Artist statement



Most of my work – painting, works on paper, digital video – is about the idea of transformation or process, which in my understanding relates to layers of the ‘self’, to memory, time, forces and otherness.

My focus lies in the question of how to approach such ideas and realities visually when the traditionally given frame that held a stable/defined ‘self’ has broken – in favour of the contemporary freedom and complex task of unfolding and inventing an open, temporal and responsible position, with its many contradictory facets, intensities, its beautiful and blind spots. 

In my practice I deliberately join ancient and contemporary influences in a field between the handmade, ‘authentic’ and digital media. It integrates my fascination for the immediacy of mark making and the dynamics of colours as much as fragmentation as marker of time, and a calculated input of digital technology.

Frequently, my works references works from the past that already dealt with the subjects of my interest at another point of time (medieval, Renaissance imagery and Baroque paintings, especially with a focus on alchemy). I admire these works and their painters, their formal solutions, inherent thoughts and passion, and I persuade myself of their empathy for contemporary approaches. A longstanding interest in continental philosophy, psychoanalysis and poetry has had a strong influence on my approach.

My paintings/drawings are initially not planned, they emerge as visual traces of Becomings and require each time the development of individual methods. This openness for a dialogue with what emerges leaves a lot of space for the unexpected. Certain emerging works trigger a specific aspect of transmutation important to me, they become spring boards for what I feel I need to amplify with further works. Thus, outcomes often build series, groups or projects, which allow cross-referencing among paintings, works on paper and digital videos.