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“Marius provides a supportive environment where you can freely explore a more intuitive approach to painting. I loved being on his courses and my work has undoubtedly benefitted from the experience. (He also makes absolutely delicious homemade soup!)”

Penelope Walford

“I had the pleasure of taking part in Marius’ workshop ‘Becoming Visible’
There was no way of knowing what to expect and I haven’t been using my creative side as much as I’d like for years now. Many years. The group was a delightful, small size of four people and the range of experience with painting ranged from possibly very little indeed to professional artist. And we were all so welcome and encouraged and all of us knew that Marius acknowledged we all had a contribution to make. We were encouraged to throw everything out and start with what wanted to show itself that day – to get out of the way and allow our natural flow to show ourself.

Every one of us had a breakthrough. My head was doing all it could to understand what to do and so much wanted to be seen, that I was confused. I gave myself space and time to sit and receive the unknowing and also the knowing – in the gentleness that was available. And then I went back to the paper on the wall and let those parts of me that could not be described out, using the beautiful colours Marius had put out for us.

This was a very special moment for me: the entire day. I haven’t known how to bring out what wanted to be expressed creatively for many years and yet I always loved to paint as a child. It got more complicated at secondary school and I lost one of my loves. During this experience, I felt that beauty rising in me again. I feel encouraged to see what else I could do. Marius held the space with so much receptivity and sensitivity. It was a wonderful thing to see the beautiful beings there allowing themselves to unfold and I’d do it all over again every week, if I could. In life we take on so many people’s points of view and feelings, that we loose ourselves. This workshop put me back in touch with how I express myself through art.”

Ruth Bartleet




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