Abbey Fellowship in Painting at BSR

I have been awarded an Abbey Fellowship Award for Painting by the British Academy/British School in Rome. This grants a 3 months residency in a studio space at the British School in Rome for a specific project. I am very happy about this opportunity.

Is Art Dead? – ArtLyst

Do artists only create for each other?  Since Hegel, the idea of the end of art has become a staple of aesthetic theory. Will Post Art be the end of art? The concept of “Post Art” was developed by the happening artist Allan Kaprow, based on his idea that life is much more interesting than art, at the expense of art.

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Bergson – Matter and Image

“… realism and idealism both go too far, … it is a mistake to reduce matter to the perception which we have of it, a mistake also to make of it a thing able to produce in us perceptions, but in itself of another nature than they.

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Award of PhD

I was awarded a PhD for my practice-based art research around the notion of ‘aura’ in art at Winchester School of Art,’Distance, however near it may be’: Revisiting ‘Aura’ on the Axis between Painting and Digital Technology within a Deleuzian Framework of ‘Becoming’. The written thesis can be accessed here at eprints University Southampton.

Empedocles, the leap

‘The more organizational, more artistic human being is nature’s flowering; the more aorgic nature, when it is felt in its purity by human beings who are organized purely and educated purely in their mode of being, grants them their feeling of perfection.

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Cult-Image and Central Perspective

Internal and external space in a cult image: the static aura forestalls their folding, divided by the ‘mandorla’ with its maternal associations that creates a theatrical screen-space ‘behind’ (continued infinitely at the bottom), a still sea giving birth to an ornately frozen golden sculpture. The figures, reaching out, are positioned on continents drifting apart from each other. If they were not held by this ‘middle’ they could give life to the lines of flight that have been arrested with the abstraction and representation around the middle figure.

Realism in central perspective