I am currently working on two series of paintings: a new one (based on the Splendor Solis illuminations) Echo and a continuation of the Osiris Fragments. Working on these images confronts me again with the old question, when is it ‘finished’, when does the process of painting comes to a halt? Do I want to reveal and ‘finish’ figures/objects, make it ‘easy’ for the beholder or stick even more to the joy that comes with breaking figures/objects up, leaving them in a state of becoming, partially manifested and partially virtual? I catch myself sometimes thinking ‘nobody will recognise that …’, reminding myself of the joy of doing ‘precise’ life drawing – although what I want to achieve is to leave the beholder space for associations and feelings. Altogether different registers, I guess.

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Dec. ’14

After a very busy time (also away from studio and home), I have now enough space to experiment again. Working on some commissions (both reflecting Splendor Solis) and am happy to have so much studio time at hand.

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